Mind Palace Design - European Design and Branding for the West Coast!

Welcome to Mind Palace Design!

My name is Celine Sawchuk; I am the face behind Mind Palace Design. I specialize in fresh European Design for the West Coast. My goal is to create minimalistic, yet meaningful, timeless designs for my clients. I have developed my Graphic Design and Photography skills through a range of hands on composition experience. If you are a growing business looking for inspiring branding techniques, or an established firm seeking innovative ideas to improve already existing designs, my service is for you! Growing up and studying in Germany has influenced my passion for branding; my goal as a graphic designer is to focus on concepts that are unique and inspire my viewer’s perspective. Moving to Canada, and seeing different aspects and styles of design has motivated me to utilize my skills to do something I love: shape and create a lasting impression that will not be forgotten. I believe that great work comes from establishing relationships and I love working with my client’s directly to achieve the best results for their business.